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Small Towns and Environmental Sustainability

Small towns are often unknowingly producing tons of waste per year, with no real solution or idea on how to improve. More than 300 million tons* of plastic are produced annually, while only 10% ends up recycled. 

*according to


My name is Alexia Anglade and I graduated from Ridgefield High School in 2022. I have had the opportunity to travel to many places, and I have seen firsthand the detrimental impact our society has on the environment.


For my Girl Scout Gold Award, I decided to focus on climate change. Within my town, the vast majority of people directly contribute to climate change but are not aware of how to improve and become more eco-friendly. I decided to create an award for businesses that will allow for motivation and guidance in order to become more sustainable. 

This website can be a great resource to finding what easy changes you can implement into your day-to-day life that can improve your sustainability and overall wellness.

The Green Award

The Green Award is an award designed to encourage businesses to become more sustainable. As they complete a list of given criteria and receive "points" for their efforts, they can earn the award and the publicity it has to offer. In the hopes of making my town more sustainable, I created this award to support small businesses while simultaneously helping to preserve the environment.

The Human Impact

Our society has grown to adapt to a toxic, harmful way of life. Our day-to-day activities and routines directly harm the environment and its natural cycles. From the millions of tons of trash in the ocean to the abnormal amount of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere. While extreme measures are necessary to completely halt the rate of damage we are causing, small yet important changes can be made in the lives of many, which can improve sustainability and awareness.

What you can do to help

Sustainable lifestyles made easy

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